"Randy Salter is a million star professional! He is the best person and attorney I have truly ever met in this field. I had a very tough case and he absolutely walked to the ends of the earth for me.  I would entrust him and this company to gently care for and fiercely fight for Any One who needs them. In the end, I cried tears of joy at the result of what Randy did for me and my family. I can not thank Randy enough!"


"A five star rating is woefully inadequate as recognition for someone of Randy's caliber.  We came to him and Tax Relief Clinic with a tangled history of previous incompetent/unethical tax assistance, years of unfiled returns and huge tax liabilities. Add to that a paralyzing fear of next steps and overwhelming embarrassment that we had allowed the situation to become so hopeless.  If we weren't the worst clients ever to walk through his doors we had to be very, very close.   Randy's calm demeanor, professionalism and competence (and most importantly kindness and lack of shaming) helped us to move forward towards a resolution.   He was infinitely patient and guided us through the process painstakingly and, most importantly, ethically.  To say that he gave us back our life is an understatement and we are forever grateful.  In addition, his partnership through this process has given us the confidence to face any new questions that arise calmly and professionally, knowing that we have the best partner available.   A million stars at least!"


"Tax problems can be overwhelming and without the correct guidance things can go very bad quickly. I owed the IRS roughly 200k after they had finished with their audit. At one point in the whole process the IRS actually seized all the money in my bank account. As I am the only one in my family working right now, this was a big problem. I thought my hard earned money was gone forever. However, with a couple of short phone calls, Randy had persuaded the IRS to release all the funds. This was a complete miracle worked by Randy.  We are still negotiating with the IRS and will be for some time but I have complete faith that Randy will work the best deal possible.  

You can't get through a negotiation with the IRS without a good lawyer. you simply won't make it. Randy Salter is that lawyer."


Can I give him a million stars? Randy  saved my butt big time. I was 46000 in the hole .
Went to Randy totally embarrassed . His demeanor is amazing. He's calm and professional which is what this hyper New Yorker needed.

"Can I also say he's a miracle worker ? He dealt with the tax people . Solved my problem and handled my nightmare

Plus he's super ethical. I'm a bit of a distance told him it was ok to forge my signature.
He said no, his code of ethics is that strong.
I'm a nurse but he's definitely quite the life saver himself
I work in multiple states ; he did great work. I've sent my friends to him. I'm from New York
If I don't like something you will know it. I can't say enough good things about Randy and his company.
Before him the IRS had garnished my paycheck and bank account.
Randy handled it and got the garnishment released.  
He's patient and he's wonderful"


"I had major issues with taxes due to loss of income because of a hip injury. I wound up owing a lot of tax and I was looking for help. I thought about using one of the popular tax relief agencies that always has radio ads (name withheld). When I checked their Yelp reviews, I was shocked to see a huge number of highly negative reviews! So much for that plan. I looked at other reviews and found Randy Salter with Tax Relief Clinic. I gave his office a call and he returned my call promptly. Randy quickly started working for me and in no time, he negotiated a very affordable payment plan for me and also got the Fed and the State to stop sending me threatening "nasty-grams".  He also did this for a very reasonable fee! This was a HUGE relief, as you can imagine!  Check the reviews always before selecting an attorney to help you and avoid throwing thousands away! I would highly recommend Randy Salter and Tax Relief Clinic at this point if you have tax issues!!"


"I was initially referred to Randy by a very reputable attorney who told me he wasn't the cheapest but he was the best. My IRS issue had been persisting for many years, a $130K debt that I'd practically given up on ever handling and that was making my life hell. Randy was very upfront about the fact that even if he were able to help me I may not avoid a tax lien, something I desperately wanted to avoid for obvious reasons. Well 3 months of negotiating later Randy got me a payment plan I can live with and no lien, truly miraculous. There's no way I could have achieved the same result on my own, he seems to have access to the right people that others don't. I looked at several other options prior to calling him and none of them gave me the sense of trust he did, so save yourself the trouble and call him, he's easy to work with, knowledgeable and he'll see your issue right through to a successful completion. I can't thank Randy enough, delighted I made the decision to call him!"


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