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When your tax return shows a balance due, you have many options.  But you will need to make some careful decisions, in order to have some control over what happens if you owe the IRS and can’t pay your tax bill.

Here’s some important things to remember if you have a large balance due to the IRS, and why you need professional assistance.

When you have a balance due to the IRS (or to your state tax agency), it is crucial that you take immediate steps to contact them to discuss your situation and present them with a plan.  For example, most of the beginning steps of the IRS collection processes are computer automated.  The computer will continue marching through each phase of the collection process unless you take action to have the process placed on hold.  This can include seizing the money in your bank accounts, garnishing your wages from your employer, and even taking personal property and real estate.


If you receive a Notice of Balance Due from the IRS and your choice of action is to ignore it and do nothing, then you will receive a progression of notices from the IRS. Eventually you will receive a Notice and Demand for Payment. Penalties and interest on the balance due will be accumulating every day. If you continue to ignore this notice, then soon you will likely receive a Notice of Federal Tax Lien as well as a Notice of intent to levy your wages or bank account.

A Federal Tax Lien will allow the IRS to place a general lien on any and all property that you own and will legally allow the IRS to receive payment when you sell any titled property, such as a house or car. Sometimes they even move to seize vehicles and real estate. The Federal Tax Levy will allow the IRS to contact all banks where you may have an account and to seize the funds, up to the amount of your tax debt. The levy will also allow the IRS to order your employer to pay them a large portion of your wages, possibly leaving you with less than $200 per week to live on.

The IRS can also seize current and future tax refunds until the tax bill is paid. During this time, you may also receive phone calls from the IRS, and if the debt is large enough, they may even assign a local Revenue Officer to your case, who may visit you at your home or work, trying to collect the taxes owed.

You should note that the Federal Tax Lien is a public notice and it will affect your credit rating.


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You do have other (and better) choices to resolve your tax problem (and possibly settle your tax debt for less than you owe, remove penalties and other options) and also to help control the serious consequences of what happens if you owe the IRS and cannot pay.

We represent clients in all 50 states so if you owe more than $10,000 to the IRS or a state tax agency, call our office for a personal tax resolution consultation free of charge. You can reach our office and speak to a tax professional by calling (800) 844-7750.

Our Supervising Attorney, Randy Salter, has been practicing in California for more than 30 years. He has spent the last 17 years helping people with their tax problems, representing taxpayers before the IRS and state tax agencies, as well as before the United States Tax Court.

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Offer in Compromise


An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is a program used for taxpayers by IRS to help them pay their tax debts. Those who qualify the conditions for eligibility may be enabled to make an offer and promise to pay a lower amount of tax owed to the IRS. This enables taxpayers to get a fresh start

Offer in Compromise


An IRS wage garnishmentor or bank levy action can freeze the funds in your checking account, take the wages from your paycheck, and make your clients turn over the cash they owe you from the billings you have sent them. We can usually get this released within 24 hours.

Stop IRS Wage Garnishment
file back tax returns


Have not submitted your tax returns and are wondering exactly what the IRS can and will do to you? Even if you cannot afford to pay your tax debt, you need to submit your back taxes to remain in compliance with the IRS.
File Back Taxes


When you receive an IRS audit, it can be a frightening occasion and it is difficult to discover what you must do next. Many people are not sure about how to safely proceed when they were picked for an IRS audit. Call us and let us guide you through what needs to be done to protect yourself.

Audit Representation
currently non collectible status


Currently Non-Collectible Status and exactly what it implies:

  • If you do not have any assets, for the IRS to levy taxes.
  • If you don't have a steady income or means to pay the taxes owed.
  • If your income is less than the minimum that is needed to meet your fundamental living expenses.

Non Collectible Status


A sensible tax debt amount can become astronomical when you include IRS penalties and interest. A penalty abatement is when our attorneys negotiate with the IRS to reduce or remove the penalties and interest on penalties from your tax debt. Let our tax professionals help you today.

Penalty Abatement
innocent spouse program


By requesting innocent spouse relief, you can be relieved of responsibility for paying tax, interest, and penalties if your spouse (or former spouse) improperly reported items or omitted items on your tax return. Generally, the tax, interest, and penalties that qualify for relief can only be collected from your spouse (or former spouse).
Innocent Spouse

What Our Clients are saying...

A five star rating is woefully inadequate as recognition for someone of Randy's caliber.  We came to him and Tax Relief Clinic with a tangled history of previous tax problems....
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Susan T
Los Angeles, CA
Tax problems can be overwhelming and without the correct guidance things can go very bad quickly. I owed the IRS roughly 200k after they had finished with their audit ....
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Adam C.
Cloverdale CA
Randy quickly started working for me and in no time, he negotiated a very affordable payment plan for me and also got the Fed and the State to stop sending me threat ....
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Ron D
Trabuco CA
Randy Salter is a million star professional! He is the best person and attorney I have truly ever met in this field. I had a very tough case and he absolutely walked to ....
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Rebecca N
Long Beach CA

  Who We Are

The main business of Tax Relief Clinic is to assist you, our client, in dealing with tax problems, negotiating solutions and working to reduce debt for large tax liabilities and un-filed returns, while providing caring, and superior customer service.

Owing tax debt can be very stressful. Our goal is both to fight diligently on your behalf, to achieve the best results possible, and to settle your tax debt problems for the lowest amount allowed by law, while taking away the stress and worry from you.

What is different about Tax Relief Clinic from many other tax relief companies out there, is that we intentionally limit the number of cases that we accept, allowing us to devote the proper amount of time and energy to your case. And yet we are able to provide our services at the same flat rate fees as other companies, and in some cases, for much less. Many tax resolution companies out there are sales driven; many take on hundreds of new cases each month with just a handful of professionals to work them. It becomes impossible to do a good job for the client. We are different.

We have the most experienced professionals ready to work on your case, and they have the time to devote to your case. Don’t go it alone. You need both experienced professionals, as well as a company that can devote the right amount of attention to your case.
If you owe more than $10,000 in tax debt, call us for a free consultation at (800) 844-7750.
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What We Do

We identify people and businesses that have tax problems that we can uniquely help. There are many people out there with tax problems, but we do something special that other tax resolution companies do not.

Tax Relief Clinic chooses its clients as carefully as the clients choose us. Not all clients require our services, and while we can help many clients, we do not take on clients that genuinely do not require our help. For those that do become clients, the path to resolution is carefully considered and tailored for each situation.

Additionally, we are dedicated to not just settling the client’s tax problems, but also relieving the anxiety and the uncertainty that people naturally feel around their tax problems.
We also work, when appropriate, to set our clients on a new course, making people aware of resources and simple techniques that allow them to avoid these problems going forward.

Part of our unique offering is to plan the future so that you, the client, have no negative experiences from your taxes. Taxes become an ordinary, simple, and “handled” part of your life.

Why You Need Us!

Working with Tax Relief Clinic is the experience of being in the hands of passionate, engaged professionals, who limit the number of clients they represent, so that special attention can be paid to each tax matter.

We’re not just in the business to solve people’s immediate tax problems with a Band-aid and hope for the best, the way so many other companies out there do. We are personally involved with our clients and we want to achieve quick, successful and yet thorough results. Our professionals and support staff are the “relief” part of tax relief.

We provide relief.

We know for a fact having observed thousands of people who have tax problems, that owing taxes holds you back in a lot of areas in your life. We’re sure we don’t need to tell you that tax issues become a multi-pronged problem that bleeds into other areas of your life – work, home life, relationships – all suffer. Tax problems are a headwind that slows people down. Our professionals provide the relief of crafting a solution tailored to your specific life situation, circumstances and future goals.

So why choose us? We love what we do. We care about the people we’re in business with. It’s satisfying for us to create happy outcomes for our clients. We find this work interesting and challenging. We’ve put together a special set of skills that come from dedication and experience that most people – even many tax professionals – just don’t have.

Frequently Asked Tax Relief Questions - Speak to a Tax Attorney Now

Call Our Law Offices For The Help You Need!

If you're battling with tax financial debts and have actually received a letter or call from the IRS or State tax authorities, you're most likely are under a large amount of stress. As tax lawyers, we are here to help. You may feel as though you have no alternatives and are just at the grace of the IRS. We have helped hundreds of customers solve their tax issues. When you're prepared to face your problems, you can be sure that we will get you started on the right path by helping you understand just what is involved in your case and how to get it all under control so you can get your life back.

When should I hire a tax attorney?

It's time to seek the counsel of a tax attorney if you have a tax debt problems that are causing you stress, have a tax audit, have received notices from the IRS, under investigation for tax fraud or had IRS agents show up at your door. If you feel threatened at all by the IRS collection tactics it’s time to call a tax attorney.

IRS tax matters are often urgent and often, frustrating. Even a small oversight in the tax debate process can cost you very much in the form of lost appeal rights, lost rights to a refund, higher taxes and charges, or a levy on your checking account or other residential or commercial property. In many cases, an action (or inactiveness) may put you at risk of prosecution. A tax lawyer is not just an advocate and confidante, but a guide to see you through the complex administrative and legal process of protecting you against the IRS. Picking the ideal representation for your situation is vital to the result of your case. During your initial assessment, we can discuss whether working with a tax attorney is right for you.

Should I hire a CPA or a Tax Attorney?

Accountants and CPAs supply important accounting, finance, and tax return preparation services. They are indispensable to well-run services and homes. While an accounting professional's knowledge remains in accounting and tax return preparation, a tax attorney deals with the laws and treatments that govern how and whether those returns need to be prepared and what your rights remain in the case of a tax audit or an IRS collection action.

Though many accountants represent clients prior to the IRS, it is not always a good idea, specifically if the accountant likewise prepared the income tax return at issue. There may be conflicts of interest. Even more, communications between you and your accountant may be subject to disclosure to the IRS. And normally, just a tax attorney can represent you from an audit to Tax Court.

Only attorney-client communications are subject to the broad and well-protected attorney-client privilege. When investigating a taxpayer (or when trying to put him or her in jail), the IRS frequently requests testimony and documents from professionals that the taxpayer hired to help prepare tax returns or manage their finances. In many situations, the communications must be disclosed and an accountant is forced to testify against their client. The accountant-client privilege is extremely limited (and generally does not apply to communications relating to tax return preparation), and there is no accountant-client privilege in criminal tax cases.

Is there a guarantee?

Tax relief professionals promise satisfaction with their services in assisting taxpayers prepare requests for installment arrangements, offer-in-compromise or other tax resolutions. They cannot guarantee you won’t have to pay taxes, or predict with 100% certainty how the IRS will rule on requests for tax relief, however. If the IRS rejects the initial request for tax relief, many tax relief professionals will review the rejection letter and prepare a response and appeal for no charge.

Can't I just negotiate with the IRS myself?

The IRS is NOT your friend in this. It may seem like a question of simply replying calmly to the IRS when contacted about late taxes. However, U.S. tax laws are complex and constantly changing, meaning only the most experienced legal counsel will do. Tax Relief Clinic has successfully negotiated with the IRS on behalf of hundreds of clients with positive results, thus allowing them to avoid dealing directly with the IRS and all of the stress (and potential risk) that would entail.

What is a bank levy?

A bank levy is a way for the IRS to garnish an unpaid debt by having your bank freeze the money in your account. Once the bank receives the levy, it freezes the money in your account for the next 21 days. Our tax attorneys can usually get this released within 24 hours.

My business is way behind on payroll taxes.

Many times, businesses find themselves in the difficult situation of trying to stay afloat, when operating costs may exceed earnings. However, payroll taxes must be correctly calculated, retained from employees, and then submitted to the U.S. government in a timely manner. Since these taxes are also known as trust fund taxes, noncompliance with the tax code may be charged as a federal trust fund violation. This is no laughing matter. In fact, the government can shut down your business and sell any business assets in order to recover lost payroll taxes. And if liquidating your business doesn’t cover the full bill, the IRS can go after you, the business owner, to recover unreported and unpaid payroll taxes. If this happens you need to contact and speak with an experienced tax attorney directly.

What does it cost to hire a tax attorney?

Great representation is not cheap, however bad representation is pricey. If you think you can not pay for to hire a tax lawyer, you must consider whether you can manage not to. An attorney that focuses their practice on tax controversy matters might be able to recognize, evaluate, and react to a problem faster and thoroughly than someone without comparable experience. Hence, although a lawyer's per hour rate is usually higher than that of an accountant, their invoice might not be! Further, an experienced tax attorney need to likewise understand whether a particular legal position is likely to prevail and encourage a client appropriately. Lawyers have an eye towards possible lawsuits or prosecution. They understand that the "crazy" reaction to IRS queries and problems can worsen problems or develop brand-new ones in the future. Even more, they think about not only whether they might be able to fix your problems, but how to best safeguard you too.

I haven't filed tax returns in several years.

Sometimes we get behind. Even even worse, sometimes we fell that because we can't pay what we owe, we don't file our taxes. The first thing you should do, obviously, is submit any overdue tax returns. It may sound counterintuitive, however the IRS in some cases treats a failure to file tax returns as a more egregious offense than just not paying. The best course of action is to submit all tax returns and pay quickly, obviously. However, there are some alternatives available to those unable to pay their taxes on time. The Tax Relief Clinic assists taxpayers throughout the U.S. prepare their taxes and helps with the subsequent relief on the outstanding debt.

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